Jerry Jenkins Presents:
The Art of the Start:
How to Write Your Novel

This recording of a LIVE online workshop is designed to help you break through and finally get the clarity you need to begin your writing journey with confidence!

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It's time.
No more only dreaming of getting started on your novel.
No more "I'm going to write my book someday."
No more "I'll start in a couple of months."

It's time to make your writing dream happen. THIS month.

When you join Jerry in this powerful crash course, you'll be catapulted into starting your book—confident and prepared. 

 This ONLINE workshop consists of two 90-minute sessions, each with 30 minutes of Q&A—You'll love Jerry's impromptu responses!

You can now have lifetime access to the full training program.

At the end of session two, you'll have what you need to begin writing your novel immediately!


Day 1: Getting You to Your First Page
Build a Powerful Foundation from Which to Launch into Your Story

  • Pro tricks for beating procrastination (including the infamous writer's block).
  • How to overcome even the most paralyzing case of perfectionism.
  • Dealing with comparison and competition, and how to tame them into submission.
  • The all-importance of knowing your "why."
  • Exactly how to create your ideal workspace.
  • Equipment and tools (where you should spare NO expense, and what you can avoid).
  • The crucial difference between finding time and making time.
  • How to maintain your life priorities, so you can write without guilt and stay insanely productive.
  • AND...the answers to SPECIFIC member questions!

Day 2: Actually Writing That Manuscript
Master the Crucial Beginning Phase, Where Preparation Makes ALL the Difference

  • What really sets apart bestselling story ideas and where they come from.
  • Expert planning: determining whether you're an outliner or a pantster.
  • That mysterious concept of writing voice—and how to find yours.
  • The little-known basic structure that works across EVERY fiction genre AND reader age.
  • The crucial opener and the indespensable elements of your novel's first chapter (get this wrong and you're in trouble).
  • How to create believable, credible, and unforgettable characters.
  • AND...the answers to SPECIFIC member questions!


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